Platform fees

PredIQt is an open protocol, designed to be run 100% autonomously by willing market participants, without the need for a central authority to create/resolve markets. This is what sets PredIQt apart from all traditional prediction marketplaces.

100% of fees go back to PredIQt's users

The PredIQt team doesn't directly profit from any platform fees

In order to properly incentivize market creators, resolvers, and promoters – the very core of PredIQt's ecosystem – we've imposed some modest transaction fees which are outlined below:

Fee Type


Trigger Event


Market Proposal Fee

N/A (burned)

Market is proposed

  • 75% refunded (25% burned) if the market isn't approved

  • 100% burned if the market is approved

2,500 IQ

Market Creator Fee

The market creator

Market is resolved

  • Helps offset the market proposal fee & provides an opportunity for users to profit for creating popular markets.

2.5% of the total market value

Market Resolver Fee

The market resolver

For IQ vote resolution, this is distributed proportionately based on a resolver's IQ stake

Market is resolved

  • Incentivizes the resolver to resolve markets in a timely manner.

2.5% of the total market value

Referral Fee

The referring user

A trade is executed

1.0% of each trade

Please note that these fees are subject to change. While they are currently set by the developers of the PredIQt blockchain protocol, we are exploring ways in which IQ token-holders can vote on the platform fees in a decentralized, trustless manner.

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