Creating a PredIQt market

PredIQt is the first prediction marketplace allowing for both real-time trading & complete decentralization. This means that all markets on PredIQt are created for users, by users.

Market Creation Process

Step 1

Hover over the 'Markets' tab and click 'Create' to get started

Step 2

Enter a user-friendly title, brief description, and cover image for your market

PredIQt markets are for events with binary (YES/NO) outcomes

Please ensure your market title and description are worded such that it will be resolvable as YES or NO… markets submitted with ambiguous or non-binary outcomes will likely be rejected.

WARNING: Markets cannot be edited once submitted!

Markets are stored on the blockchain, and thus cannot be modified once submitted.
You will get a commission of all trades that occur within your market, so it's worth spending a little extra time to make sure it's easy to understand & user-friendly!

Step 3

Add details for how your market should be resolved
Make sure that all possible scenarios are addressed for your market so that users are comfortable betting… markets with potentially ambiguous outcomes tend to do poorly.
The most popular PredIQt markets usually include a link to a data source which should be used as the 'source of truth' for determining the market's outcome.

Step 4

Set the market's Expiration Date…
Make sure that the market will definitely be resolvable on the expiration date you specify.

WARNING: Provide a buffer to ensure the market is still resolvable in the event of unexpected delays

Setting the expiration date a day or two after the market is expected to resolve can help ensure unexpected delays related to the reporting of a market's outcome don't result in an 'INVALID' resolution

Step 5

Submit your market!
Note there is a current 2,500 IQ deposit required to propose a market (discourages spamming)
  • If your market isn't approved, you will receive an 80% refund of your deposit
  • If your market is approved, this deposit will be burned, and you can recoup it + earn a profit from the 2.5% commission you'll receive (based on the total number of shares issued, at the time of market resolution)