Placing an order


You can think of shares in PredIQt markets the same way you think of any other stock/cryptocurrency. The only real difference is that, with PredIQt, the price of the shares is bounded from 0 to 1 (the currency is dependent on the market's asset type, as specified by the market's creator).
All shares which are the same as the market's resolution are redeemable for 1 unit/each of the market's base currency, minus any applicable fees.
Simple order entry
Advanced order entry. (includes the orderbook and limit orders)

Enable Limit Orders

To enable limit orders, click Advanced and then the 'LIMIT' tab on the bottom right-hand side of the order widget

Order Types

Market Order: This is the most basic (and default) order type. A market order is processed immediately at the best available, current market price.
Limit Order: Designed to give investors more control over the buying and selling prices of their trades. Prior to placing a purchase order, a maximum acceptable purchase price amount must be selected, and minimum acceptable sales prices are indicated on sales orders.