PredIQt's leaderboards offer a fun way to track the top users on the platform.

Leaderboard Types

Top Traders
  • Calculated by calculating the change in a user's portfolio value from the beginning to the end of the reporting period
  • Unrealized returns are included in the reported profits
  • Deposits/withdrawals into and out of PredIQt are excluded in the reported profits
Top Referrers
  • Calculated by adding all referral income generated by a user during the specified reporting period
  • Income earned from other platform fees (i.e. the market creator fee) does not count toward the referral leaderboard

A note on leaderboard profits:

All profits are converted to their equivalent value in IQ, for the purposes of reporting & ranking. This allows for an easier comparison of users' returns, regardless of the types of assets being traded.
Have an idea for a new leaderboard type or features you'd like to see on PredIQt? Email us your feedback, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
The PredIQt leaderboard page

Coming Soon

  • Change in ranking displayed for each user
  • Special badges for top users
  • IQ giveaway/bonus for top traders!