PredIQt Whitepaper (v2)

PredIQt is a Knowledge Market and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform created by the Everipedia organization. PredIQt enables any user, anywhere in the world, to create and participate in markets on any future event.

Knowledge markets (also called prediction markets)​ are platforms where users can ​trade​ ​the outcomes of events​. This allows for financially incentivized predictions, which ​tend to be more accurate​ than non-incentivized forecasts. Traditionally, however, the effectiveness of prediction markets has been limited by their centralized architecture. PredIQt leverages blockchain technology and distributed, token-driven incentives to create a platform that avoids these issues.

In addition to facilitating prediction markets, PredIQt also facilitates a number of decentralized financial applications unique to a blockchain environment. Building upon the decentralized architecture of the knowledge market platform, PredIQt allows for more advanced and complex financial primitives uniquely possible in a blockchain world, including lending, leverage, complex contracts, and much more. All of these use cases are tied together by the $IQ token.

This paper will serve as an outline of the structure, theory, and architecture of PredIQt.

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