What is PredIQt?

NOTE: This guide assumes you already have an EOS account. If you're new to the EOS blockchain, you should review our "New to EOS?" guide first

PredIQt is the first decentralized prediction market capable of offering a user-experience that rivals that of traditional centralized alternatives. PredIQt is built on the EOS.IO blockchain and powered by Everipedia's IQ token.

PredIQt Protocol

The PredIQt Protocol is a prediction market platform built on EOSIO blockchain technology. Using PredIQt, any EOS user anywhere in the world can create a market on any future event. And any user can purchase and trade shares in the outcomes of those events. For the first time ever, EOS-powered information markets will be available to the world. We like to call this a knowledge market instead of just a prediction market!

The PredIQt Protocol is a flexible general-purpose prediction market platform for EOS on top of which anyone can build. The Everipedia team will be building the first dApp and interface for the protocol, available at prediqt.everipedia.org.

PredIQt is the second major dApp launched by the Everipedia team following the IQ token airdrop in July 2018 and the subsequent launch of the IQ-powered Everipedia Network. PredIQt and Everipedia are just the beginning of what will become a growing ecosystem of knowledge-based and DeFi dApps created by anyone around the world that leverages the power of the EOS blockchain and IQ token.

Logging In

To start using PredIQt you will need to log into your EOS account. If you need an EOS account please visit this site to create one https://eos-account-creator.com/ (not affiliated with PredIQt, this is a 3rd party service. Use at your own discretion). If you need help or have questions do not hesitate to join the community and message the Telegram Group (https://t.me/prediqt)

After pressing the "Login" button, you will be presented with a prompt to select which EOS wallet provider you'd like to use to sign-in with

  • You will be prompted to Accept the Terms of Service (please read the ToS and click the checkbox).

  • Select the EOS wallet software you will be using, either Scatter or TokenPocket

  • Select the EOS account you will be using

  • That's it! You are ready to start using PredIQt

Need Help?

Reach out to us on Telegram! We are always more than happy to help you get familiar with PredIQt. Telegram Group (https://t.me/prediqt)

Discover Markets

Great! You are ready to discover some really interesting and unique markets that may only be available on PredIQt!

This section will guide you through the markets page.

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