💸Referral program

Refer Users, Earn Free IQ!

PredIQt has a very lucrative affiliate/referral program built-in to its blockchain protocol and dApp.


  1. Earn 1% cash-back on ALL orders placed by users after visiting your affiliate/referral URL

  2. You will continue earning referral revenue until the user either clicks on another user's referral link or 30 days pass (whichever comes first)

  3. Referral income is instantly transferred to the affiliate account, upon order execution

User's can retrieve their referral link via 1 of 3 ways:

  • Copy/Paste the 'Referral Link' on any market's page

  • Copy/Paste the 'Referral Link' on your use profile page


For more advanced linking options, users can append the following to and URL on the predIQt website, and they will be credited for any trades resulting from users visiting their link. Replace '{USERNAME}' with the EOS account name which you'd like the referral revenue to be credited to.


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