Concept: Modularity

One of the core tenets of PredIQt is that it is entirely built with modularity in mind. Having learned from some of the struggles of other blockchain-based prediction market platforms, we knew that diverse markets did not require a one-size-fits-all structure. As a result, every component of the PredIQt platform is designed to be customizable to the needs of a given market.

One example of this modularity is in resolution systems. We recognize that the type of oracle needed for a few day market on a sporting event might be different from that needed for a multi-year market on a presidential election. By virtue of being open-source, PredIQt also offers modularity when it comes to the platform’s front-end. The core features of PredIQt live on the EOS blockchain. Everipedia has created one front-end to interact with the contracts, but other community members are able to build their own front-ends, as well.

By virtue of being built with modularity from the ground up, PredIQt can serve virtually any use case for knowledge markets in a customized format.

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