👶New to EOS?

NOTE: If you already have an EOS account, you should skip to the next section 👍

New EOS User Guide

Welcome to PredIQt, Everipedia’s Knowledge Market platform on EOS!

We’re built on EOS because we believe that it provides the best user experience of any blockchain platform. Zero transaction fees, fast transactions, high throughput capacity, and human-readable account names are just a few of the features that distinguish it.

Here we'll show you how to quickly and easily get up and running on EOS if you're a new user.

Create an Account

If you are new to EOS, you’ll first have to create an EOS account. This can be done easily by using the following services:

EOS Account Creator ZEOS

Save Your Private Key

Once you’ve created an account, save your private key somewhere secure. We recommend using a password manager like 1Password or Dashlane.

Choose An EOS Wallet Provider

We highly recommend Anchor Wallet by Greymass for all new users. You can use the simple and user-friendly iOS mobile wallet, or the more feature-rich desktop wallet. You’ll automatically get access to free transactions on EOS with the wallet’s native Greymass Fuel.

You can also, however, use PredIQt with Scatter or Ledger.

Once you’ve downloaded your wallet of choice, you’ll be asked to import your private key.

Start Using PredIQt!

Once that’s complete, you’ll have access to your account via the wallet, and you can log into PredIQt and use the platform here.

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